Another Marker Drawing

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Another Marker Drawing

I'm incredibly dissapointed with this one, even though it was done fast and out of boredom.
Done around same time as last one.

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(5) responses to: Another Marker Drawing

  1. if u made the jaw line a little thiner it wouldve been perfect!

    (Good-Bye)'s Emeritar (Good-Bye) Posted:
  2. jup jaw is the only thing that doesnt fit ! the rest is nice ;)

    No. but maybe's Emeritar No. but maybe Posted:
  3. why are you incredibly disappointed? better than me!

    -'s Emeritar - Posted:
  4. damn that jaw is fucking huge

    tront's Emeritar tront Posted:
  5. lookz kinda like avenged sevenfold

    Rice Cake!!'s Emeritar Rice Cake!! Posted:

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