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HEllo name is richard and i skate, been skating for almost 3 years now?
emerica is d best!:D
i'd cut off my leg to watch the team eat.


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  • I think its "Alphaville - forever young" but iam not sure, btw thanks for the comment homie!!

    Lasse Lauridsen's Emeritar Lasse Lauridsen Posted:
  • at the allen skatepark they have a staircase that same size, but i havent ever ollied one that big, how do you do it

    DQ's Emeritar DQ Posted:
  • do you wanna comment on video?


    - sorry about my english, im danish :)

    Lasse Lauridsen's Emeritar Lasse Lauridsen Posted:
  • Thanks 4 adding me as a friend.

    DQ's Emeritar DQ Posted:

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