I got some questions for all u cream pie eaters!

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Ok whats the best board or just your favorite?
(Mine is a Baker deck 7.88, just logo,nothing facncy.)

What is your favorite kind of shoes and type?
( Mine is defintley Emerica, Herman 2./ Hsu.)

What clothing do your represent?
( I usually hold it down with some Altamont wilshire, and any Altamont shirt i got clean. but i usually dont care.)

What trucks do u ride?
( Well right now im riding the deathwisih Thunders. I like them lo, and loose.)

What kind of wheels do u like/ride?
( Defintley Baker Wheels 52mm.)

Whats your favorite thing to skate?
( I like stairs, rails, and trainy.)

What would you consider the perfect skate day?
( In my opinon, Wakin up a quarter till noon Chill with the homies watch a couple of videos. Then Go to our local skate park for hours. Then skate a little at nite and film. And go to a 7-11 and get a redbull with a slush and a burrito and set on the curb and talk about how fun it was.

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(14) responses to: I got some questions for all u cream pie eaters!

  1. plan b logo
    emerica, etnies, dc, I like fat and slim shoes, prefer cupsole
    any clothing
    silver a-class trucks
    ant wheel
    i skate street man yo eat my flor

    petipaskate's Emeritar petipaskate Posted:
  2. deck: natural blank 7.5 household.

    shoes: reynolds 3's EMERICA

    trucks: i like ventures the best but i use indy's white standard 129mm's

    wheels: i have element 52's but i prefer and like blank white 98a's 50mm's

    clothes: skinny levi's and most of the time volcom t-shirts

    skate spots: stairs most definately

    beebus-aka-max's Emeritar beebus-aka-max Posted:
  3. planb logo

    emericas reynolds3

    thunder greenday

    spitfier wheels

    levis skinny plan b shirts

    skatespot landwave or stairs

    GoLd_RayWolF's Emeritar GoLd_RayWolF Posted:
  4. the neckface baker deck 8

    fallen cheif mids/or emerica hsu's

    any type of skinny's, and any shirt

    i ride those cow krux downlows a bit loose but more on the tight side

    i use some tie dye spitfires that are like 20mm now xD

    slopes, curbs, flat spots, small stairs like 4's or a fat set of 3's

    hahaha ok, uh, a sunny day, but like cold, slight wind, but uh anyways, wake up, homies call me up, skate down the hill to the spots, skate it up, someone buys me mcdonalds cause i never have any money, then after i get home at like 9ish 10, go to sleep, best skate day ever.

    anthony!'s Emeritar anthony! Posted:
  5. baker reynolds, deathwish ellington, baker beagle

    emerica heath, emerica hsu, fallen ripper

    thunder elligton

    spitfire 52, abec 7

    freeman's Emeritar freeman Posted:
  6. oh yeah and bowls, rails(and handrails) stairs, gaps and CURBS !!

    freeman's Emeritar freeman Posted:
  7. Orange Deathwish 8.0

    Emerica B. Herman 2 size 9

    ANY FRESH T-SHIRT and some KR3W jeans

    Indy, Thunder, Krux

    52's (preferably)

    i try to skate a little bit of everything

    wake up to a badass song, get my grub on at Waffle House, warm up at the park, go street skate with ALL of the homies, everybody gets a trick on film, Buffalo Wild Wings, reminisce over day

    chrispybrown's Emeritar chrispybrown Posted:
  8. My curent setup:

    Baker B- funk

    Thunder trucks(thunders have the best bushing)

    Hubba wheels(the best shit ever)

    -People roll many different ways but thats how i ride. YOU KNOW HOW WE DO THIS!

    Nick Sanders's Emeritar Nick Sanders Posted:
  9. toy machine 7 fist
    emerica laced/reynolds 3
    emericas my favorite volcoms also cool
    i like the baker too
    i like rails the most
    stand up early smoke a cigarette with the homes then go skate and in the night just chill again and talk about stupid shit or sth

    heissy93's Emeritar heissy93 Posted:
  10. 7.75 infinty deck (local shop company)
    inependant trucks
    mini logo bearing and wheels
    mob grip

    Stairs, ledges

    Vans tnt's, emerica hsus

    Kenny Girard's Emeritar Kenny Girard Posted:
  11. toy machine 8
    tensor trucks
    spitfire wheels
    emerica shoes
    krew apparel
    slim jeans
    wake up every afternoon, go to the park and chill and skate all day, then hit up some street spots at night.

    lizardtim's Emeritar lizardtim Posted:
  12. Baker reynolds logo

    independent trucks

    autobahn wheels

    worl industries bearings (fast as heck)

    emerica reynolds 3

    kyle25x's Emeritar kyle25x Posted:
  13. baker dollin 7.75, 7.75 enjoi
    emerica reynolds lights
    any skate tees, skinny jeans, 59-fifty hats
    52mm spits or rictas
    ledges, rails, curbs, tranny

    wake up late morning. call up the homies and go skate town or the park. get some mexican food and chill. then get up and skate the rest of the day and film. come home late at night and sleep

    skater482621's Emeritar skater482621 Posted:
  14. Zero Bailout 8.00"
    Definately G-Code!!!
    anything comfortable. like some levi's and a tiedye shirt.
    Independent all the way son and loose as hell.
    Spitfire Dennis Busenitz Hellhounds 52mm.
    Stairs and gaps.
    Wake up around 8 or 9am. Take a shower. Look outside and see how warm it is. Get dressed. Eat something. Brush my teeth. Go to my local shop. Chill. Go to local park and rip it up. Pure sunshine and Arizona Fruitpunch.

    Dylan's Emeritar Dylan Posted:

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