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some of the tricks i can do:kickflip,heelflip,varial kickflip,varial heelflip,bigspin,fakie bigspin,fs 180,bs 180,fakie fs 180, fakie bs 180,frontside flips,backside flips,fs and bs,boardslides,fs and bs lipslides,feeble grinds, fs and bs crooked grinds,hardflip,nollie kickflip,nollie heel flip, fakie heelflip, and fakie kickflip, tre flip,fakie tre flip,double kickflip, double heelflip,540 flip,540 pop shuvit,360 pop shuvit,540 fakie bigspin, and my best trick, fakie big flip to front boardslide.


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  • one who brags about all the tricks he can do sucks ass

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