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Dew Tour!!!

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I just got back from the AST DEW TOUR...and it was amazing!!!! I was like 10 feet away from like P. Rod, and I sat in V.I.P seating for the vert finals, and was talking to Bucky Lasek, who won the vert finals!!!!

Street- Sheckler 1st, P. Rod 2nd, Chaz Ortiz 3rd

Vert- Bucky Lasek 1st

And I hung-out with Zen Black and Ashes Remain (bands)
Overall Amazing Go Skateboarding Day!!!!

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(8) responses to: Dew Tour!!!

  1. i saw it on tv

    motormouth's Emeritar motormouth Posted:
  2. lucky

    biohazard's Emeritar biohazard Posted:
  3. haha friggin shecks beat p rod?
    what is this world coming to?

    Nate's Emeritar Nate Posted:
  4. to gnaight, sheckler like ripped everyone a new asshole at the dew tour, so yeah, he won

    and its lasek, not lasik

    David's Emeritar David Posted:
  5. cool , do you like the rolling stones ?

    emerica96's Emeritar emerica96 Posted:
  6. probably paint it black

    emerica96's Emeritar emerica96 Posted:
  7. and start me up

    emerica96's Emeritar emerica96 Posted:

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