"Keep Skatin so U can spend $1000 a day like TK"

Me and "the king"

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Me and my friend klay throw away, http://emericaskate.com/team/wyemericask8er/

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(4) responses to: Me and "the king"

  1. nice K-flip

    7teenagesmokers's Emeritar 7teenagesmokers Posted:
  2. fo shea homie we reppin dat d1 all state team pa wit da asian sensasian if only u wulda waited for da fakie bigspin to manny, da fakie bs half cab 2 many nd da nollie fs shuv to manny.

    The King's Emeritar The King Posted:
  3. nice : )

    Nate's Emeritar Nate Posted:
  4. nice kickflips

    yakuzateddybear's Emeritar yakuzateddybear Posted:

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