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Eniz is from the city of Vantaa in Finland. If you’re reading this in California, just try and imagine a place where: in winter the sun only rises above the horizon for 46 minutes a day and temperatures can drop to negative 50 degrees. This type of climate means that only the most dedicated skateboarders can survive. I went on a trip with Eniz in May and he mentioned that this was the first time he’d skated outside that year. I guess that’s why whenever Eniz’s wheels go down he absolutely makes sure it counts. On an almost constant rotation of trips, everyone in Europe wants him in the van. To have Eniz on a trip is a 100 percent guarantee of a good time and that some pure skateboarding gold will be witnessed.

  • Age: 23
  • Hometown: Vantaa, Finland
  • Sponsors: Emerica, Volcom, Alien Workshop, Destructo Trucks and Perus Wheels.
  • Cites: Split Croatia, Bilbao Spain, Stuttgart Germany
  • Spots: post office ledges, Kiasma Museum in Helsinki, Crying triangle
  • Parks: Wamma Park, Purple Park, Mellow Park
  • Albums: The Roots “Things Fall Apart,” Gangstarr “The Ownerz,” Wu-Tang Clan “Enter The Wu-Tang”
  • Van tunes: Pink Floyd “Time,” Black Sabbath “Children Of The Grave,” Slim Thug “Thug”
  • Video Parts: Arto Saari “Sorry” Brandon Westgate “Stay Gold,” Wes Kremer DC web part
  • Essential tour items: phone, beers, grandpa juice
  • People to skate with: all the friends I skate with
  • Inspirational skateboarders: Marius Syvanen, Tyler Surrey, Javier Sarmiento
  • Food: Chinese food, pesto pasta, mac n’ cheese
  • Books: I don’t really ever read any books, but last book I read was Tony Hawk's book
  • Bars: Roskapankki and Eerikinkulma in Helsinki, Banana Bar in Amsterdam
  • Things that make you happy: friends, skateboarding, beers
  • Things that piss you off: rainy weather, e-mail, missing the train
  • Reasons you skate for Emerica: because it is the original skate brand, best team, coolest shoes
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