t-rex vs. the gonz

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that's sort of what the 90s and 00s have been. Mullen and Gonzolez, are basically the two godfathers of what you would call modern skate, without either, skating wouldn't look the same. It's sort of a conflict of styles tho. Mike Carroll sort of saw the Gonz's vision and tried shaping skating in that image from the post 80s mishmash of freestyle on street which was basically Rodney's era completely and make a new kind of skating that promoted less technical stuff and a LOT more emphasis on style. This seemed to have pushed skating for a while, but things were (and are) getting a little stagnant as far as styles and tricks are concerned, which explains why Full flared seemed to gleam on technical tricks. If you noticed, they seem to really want to push compound grinds as the "new" trick. I say "new" because haslam has been doing them in parts since go knows when. Now this is significant because it's sort of acknowledgment, from Girl's part, that "circus tricks" are only circus tricks if you can't do them so in reality, there isn't such a thing. A lot of the tricks in that vid aren't new, just technical stuff that wasn't mainstream, I say wasn't because it will be now. Watch for compound grinds in a sponsor me near you ! The point of all this is that, the technical side is coming back, and in a big way, fully flared was gnarly, but haslams part in the globe vid was just as good as most of the stuff on that vid and it was F-R-E-E. I can't wait to see what Appleyard has got coming and I definitely want to see what Mullen has souped up and if he decided to start doing some transition. I want to see if Stay Gold can keep up with all the new changes you're going to see in skateboarding or if, skills-wise it'll fall to the side of the road, or better yet, blaze a whole new trail. We'll see, but for the timebeing, it seems that Rodney's vision of skating is going to superimpose itself over the Gonz's in the coming year.

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