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  • T.C. MixTape Vol.13: Rated PG-13. Starring "TheCrew" Cody Cepeda, Eric King, Timmy Johnson, Marquis King, Sean Whitcomb Mike Fields, and Ross Capps. Featuring Spencer Brown, Mike Regan, Mike Piwowar, and Danilo Susana

    kingquis23's Emeritar kingquis23 Posted:
  • GonNa MIss ya ..
    Best wishes ouT in HAwAii. ^_^

    sesai Parra's Emeritar sesai Parra Posted:
  • appreciate the video comment!

    .'s Emeritar . Posted:
  • wow than spankys harir got long!!! i got rid of mine, i've been good skating alot filming and skool, but finals were today, no school til feb. phsyched! so im gonna be filming alot more.

    bucky's Emeritar bucky Posted:
  • how do you have so many pictures of emerica team ... actually

    squamish's Emeritar squamish Posted:
  • :(we lost yesterday! noooo

    emericanism's Emeritar emericanism Posted:
  • ERIN! how have u been? im already for GVR! it was good to see you again over at the money cup.

    bucky's Emeritar bucky Posted:
  • he was really busy. he sends his best.

    coryloveslarry's Emeritar coryloveslarry Posted:

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