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First off do you really wanna know more about me?
If So Keep on Reading
if you don't like how i feel
Then i guess you can just get off my page
alright so here it goes.....
My name is Ernesto Francisco Santana
i was born in Los Angeles California
on September 9th 1989
Yes i am 18 years old
save your breath and don't ask me for cigarettes
I was raised in Lake Elsinore California
A Really Beautiful Town
With A Lake At The Middle Of It
I Wasn't Rich Or Poor Growing Up
My Parents Did A Great Job
At Putting Food On The Table
Along With Blankets On Our Beds
And A Nice Roof Over Our Heads For When It Rained
im not the best skater but i love going out and skating with my buddies
I Have So Many Dreams!
My Main Goal In Life Is
To Settle Down With A Family
i would honestly love To Look Back
beer in my hand
and laugh ,cry and smile at all the mistakes ive done
oh god life is so amazing
lets just love it and laugh at every obstacle
i know im young
but i think very clear
my imagination takes me over at times
through out my struggles
Ive Learned we can change the way we live!
other then how i feel
I'm Going Into College Soon
I Currently Own/Run
Final Stand Clothing
The Poison Magazine

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