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Hey what's up? My name is Antione Frye, I've been skating for 14 years, and I'm 14 years old. I'm from Washington DC and I skate everyday. I first started skating when I was one. My mom had a toy skateboard laying around and she said I just kinda took it and played around with it all day. So eventually when I got older and a little more balanced on my feet, she bought me my first Walmart board. After that, I just got lost in the art. I learned the Ollie at 4, and now at 14 I'm Hardflipping Stairsets, and busting my ass on handrails. I learn pretty fast, and progression is my best friend. My take on skateboarding: I love it and I think there is nothing better, besides family. I guess one reason I think that is because I have sort of a skate addiction. I noticed if I didn't skate within like 24 hours I get kinda irritated and snappy. If I had to give any motivation I would say Don't skate for fame or money. Skate because you love to skate. The more you try to get big and push it, the greater chance you're not gonna get there. Just role with skating, and let your love take you to your dreams. If you really know you want skating as your career, then by all meens try your hardest. But never lose your love.
Favorite Trick: Nollie Tre
Stance: Goofy
Last trick Learned: Fakie Bigflip to manual
Worst trick: Inward Heels
Favorite Skater: Paul Rodriguez and Andrew Reynolds
Favorite obsticle to skate: Banks
Worst obsticle to skate: Round Rails
Fear: A lot of people watching me at a contest or open sesh. Kinda shy, working on getting rid of that.
Best quality: Never giving up
Worst quality: Never giving up
Current Setup: Plan B Prolite 7.75, Tensor Magnesium R2 Lights (Lows), 50mm Ricta wheels, Black Magic Griptape, Rush Bearings, and Lakai Shoes.


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