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My name is Shawn, I'm a longboarder/speedboarder from Rhode Island. Plan on adding all types of things to the community here and adding another insight into the longboarding and speedboarding community..if anyone even wants one.


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  • yeah!
    more than just rails and ledges!

    keep bombing them hills and out-runnin' yer local cops!



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Wheelabrator Slide Contest.

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Anyone from New England wanna check a sweet contest out with tons of skaters from all over? Theres going to be a big slide contest in CT for people of all skill levels, if you dont know what sliding is; its kinda a special little niche of skateboarding that you might not even understand. But definately worth checking out! Also there will be tons of skaters there to talk and meet with and share stories and good times. Especially interesting if you are anyway close to being interested with longboarding.Blog Image

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