R.I.P. Shane Cross

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Skateboarding suffered a tragic loss today: Shane Cross has passed away.

The 20-year-old was fatally injured while riding on the back of Ali Boulala's motorcycle in Australia. Ali survived the accident but is currently in critical condition--we'll post more details once they become available.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved.

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(4) responses to: R.I.P. Shane Cross

  1. im seriously so sad. im prayin for ali and all of both of there friends and family. its gotta be extra rough for them. and poor jake. first his mom now his like best friend.

    youngemericandallas's Emeritar youngemericandallas Posted:
  2. it really hits home. im one year younger than him and it just makes you think. these things happen so fast; one minute he's on top of the world, poised to become the next big pro and them bam. dead.

    sheilatakeabow's Emeritar sheilatakeabow Posted:
  3. this is so scary, how the fear within you appears while skateboarding but never shows when riding on motorcycles or anything else. the fear pushes us farther. i want to know more about this! R.I.P. shane cross,, add me.

    chriscolelovesyou's Emeritar chriscolelovesyou Posted:
  4. yea shane was sick. i really cant believe it either.

    CaSeYsHeLtOn's Emeritar CaSeYsHeLtOn Posted:

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