Wild Ride Focus, Part 1: Life With Leo

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This is part one of the Wild Ride Focus series, where I focus on certain aspects or characters of the Wild Ride through my photos and the occasional interview.

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Life With Leo

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Leo Romero could probably pull a whole shitty skateboarding team to the top by himself, he's that good. Next to being a good skateboarder though, he's also a unique individual and no stranger to shaking things up.

While waiting for everyone to get geared up in Berlin, MD, I had a little conversation with him about riding bikes...

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How long have you been riding now?
Three years.

I heard you had a little accident early on in the trip. What happened?
My back pulley broke off, nearly breaking off my whole back tire. The back end went a little crazy, skidding out and what not. I thought it was a flat at first, my back tire went BAM and my bike went crazy and I was like, "Great, I got a flat." I had a flat the first year, and when I slowed down the back would start skidding, but when I slowed down this time that didn't happen.

It didn't skid at all?
No, I stopped and checked the tire and it looked fine, so I thought "Oh my bike's fine," and turned it back on again. But I wasn't going nowhere, so I looked at it again and my pulley was fucked. It broke off. It was really sketchy.

Did you have to call the AAA or something?
Nah, we called a tow truck. There was a Harley dealership right next to the hotel we were staying at. It all worked out, but it was really fucking expensive.

How much was it?
[Canadian Stow-away Filmer] Kyle: Everything's so expensive if you get it done at a Harley dealer.

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Did you have any other accidents before?
Just a flat tire on the first Wild Ride.
Kyle: How did it get flat?
I think the tire was defective. On the first Wild Ride I was trying to go as fast as I could maxing out the throttle, and I was only going 80[MPH], so I was like, "The fuck is wrong with this bike?" Then Ben [Gilley] pulled up next to me and was saying some shit I couldn't understand and I was all, "Yeah! Sick! Alright!" Then he pointed down, all shouting like, "Your Tire's Flat!" The tread was all gone too.
Kyle: That sucks. [Other Canadian Stow-away] Harvey's front tire is like that. It's probably gonna blow soon. We went to the dealership the day before we were supposed to leave [on the Wild Ride] and they told him, "Don't go with this tire." And he was like, "I don't have any money, I can't change the tire right now." So they said, "If it starts raining, stop riding." And then we rode in the rain for three days.
[Laughs] I wouldn't wanna be that guy.
Kyle: When there's no tread, it's really easy to slip out when it rains. It probably pops really easy too. Wouldn't want to be riding when you're front tire pops.
[Emerica Filmer] Dustin [Aron]'s popped twice on this trip.
Kyle: Really? His front tire?
Yeah. The first was at a gas stop, and just when everyone was about to leave he was all, "Wait guys, I can't leave, my tire's flat." So he got it fixed, and then we were riding and it popped again.

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Did you straight out buy a bike or did you rent one first?
I bought my bike for the first Wild Ride.

And you'd never ridden a bike before you bought it?

Straight acing it. How was the Mild Ride compared to the Wild Ride?
Really fun. In some aspects it was funner than this, cause we could really tear those fuckers up. Every time we'd roll up to a traffic light or a stop sign, we'd lock the brakes and [makes screeching sound of tires spinning]. We'd do burnouts in the grass and take 'em across banks and shit. What sucks was that you could only go 85[MPH] max. If you try going over 85, the governer would kick in and slow down the bike.

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You can drive those on the highways?

No crazy road rage from other drivers doing that?
Not really. It was similar to being on a bike. There were people looking and being all, "Yeah! Sick!" I was like, "We're on scooters and shit! This is a joke."

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