Wild Ride Focus, Part 5: Biker Bros

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This is part five of the Wild Ride Focus series, where I focus on certain aspects or characters of the 2008 Wild Ride through my photos and the occasional interview.

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Biker Bros

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The premise of the Wild Ride is based on two things: skateboarding and motorcycles. If you can imagine a spectrum with skateboarding on one end and motorcycles on the other, then everybody involved with the Wild Ride can be placed somewhere inbetween those two extremes based on their varying degrees of involvement.

On skateboarding's far end, are Andrew and Bryan. Having no interest in riding bikes, they trek around in their van and get involved with everything skateboarding related. However, on the other hand is an entirely different breed of person. These "biker bros" live with their motorcycles and can tell you anything and everything about them. They are just as important in making the Wild Ride successful, and are all extremely interesting people. The photos below are dedicated to them.

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One of these people is Harvey. I met him early on in the trip and was struck by his free-spirited attitude. I was able to talk to him for a moment and tried to find out what kind of person he really was. Things didn't really work out that well.

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So your name's Harvey.
That's right.

How many times have you been on the Wild Ride?
This is my first time.

Why did you decide to go?
Because I love motorcycles. And these guys all seem rad. I wanted to meet them, and wanted to skate.

Who did you know that made you wanna go?
Jamie Tan-cow-ny.

Isn't his name pronounced "tan-so-knee"?
Uh, sure. I guess. It's a "c" though.

I know.
Alright. Tan-cow-knee? Tan-so-knee? I always thought it was "tan-cow-ny". I think it is, man.

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Wait, what nationality are you again?

Ah, right... Does that change your perspective on the trip?
Uh... no.

Not at all?

So you came all the way out here from Vancouver. How long did that take you?
It took us 5 days riding 10 hours a day.

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How was that?
Sick! Well, my back's really sore. It's just cause I have dragbars.

Does that make it so you have to lean forward more?

So how is your bike different than what the other guys are riding?
They got big bikes, and I have a little bike.

Why did you get a little bike?
Cause I'm cheap. [laughs] I'll get a big bike someday, but I don't have the money for it right now.

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Harvey's friend, Kyle the Kanadian.

What do you do back home?
I'm a busboy.

What does that entail?
Cleaning tables in a restaurant. And pouring water. Just to get some cash so I can travel as much as possible. Hopefully I can travel all summer. When I get back, I'm gonna meet up with this girl and we're gonna drive to California.

Drive there?
No, we're gonna ride a bike. She's gonna go on the back. She's gonna pay for it all, so that's sick.

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After the Wild Ride, what are your plans?
We're going to Edmonton, Alberta.

Why there?
We're gonna go pick up that girl. That's where she lives. Then we're probably gonna go to Vancouver for a couple days before heading down to California.

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Cool. Is there a story behind your missing tooth?
Yeah, I was at this bar and one of my friends was all up in this guy's face, and this old man just knocked my tooth out. Just one punch.

Yeah, it was sick.

Thanks for the interview, Harvey.

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Get on and get psyched on part 6!

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