Wild Ride Focus, Part 8: Road Reporters

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This is part eight of the Wild Ride Focus series, where I focus on certain aspects or characters of the 2008 Wild Ride through my photos and the occasional interview.

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Road Reporters

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Like on any good skateboarding trip, the Wild Ride has always accomodated a fair share of traveling reporters. Last year's Wild Ride was excessively covered in Patrick O'Dell's Epicly Later'd and Ed's amazing photos.

This year, Patrick joined again, and with him a slew of others who filmed, photographed, interviewed and documented their unique perspectives of this amazing trip. Without them, this trip would never get the coverage it deserves, and you'd never get to see and experience some of the awesome things that happen when hundreds of skateboarders hit the streets at the same time.

Of all these people, there's one who stands out as one of the most unique people you'll ever meet. He's the main editor of this very site, and you'll probably know him by GSD or simply Poster. Below is an interview with the man himself mixed with some photos of the other Wild Ride documentalists. Call it an "meta-report".

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GSD out on the grassy knoll

All right, let's do this interview.
[Points at the mic.] Is this the mic?

[Picks up the mic and shouts.] HI, MR. MICROPHONE!

All right, cool. You don't have to talk that close.
You don't want me to hold it?

No, it's gonna be way too loud like that. It's set to high sensitivity. I'll start the interview. How long have you been posting on the Emerica site?
About five years.

How did you start writing for the Emerica site?
I started working at [Emerica's umbrella company] Sole Technology in the beginning of 2002 and I was the editor and writer for the whole company and all of its brands. I didn't work in the Web Department back then, but I wrote and edited all the text that was to be published on the web and in catalogs, ads, press releases, etc. In 2003, I was moved to the Web Department, where I started posting all of the news and product on etnies, éS and Emerica. Now I just work on Altamont and Emerica and help out a little bit on éS. Rob Brink also works on éS and etnies Skateboarding, and Alex Makabali handles the rest of etnies.

Is it still as enjoyable as when you started?
Yeah! Especially with the new Emerica site.

Let's plug the new Emerica site.

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GSD and Skatepark of Tampa representative Rob Meronek

Have you ever been on a safari before?
I used to use it before [Mozilla] Firefox.

No, I asked, "Have you ever been on a safari before?"
Yeah, I've been on a safari before…to Florida. Does Disney World count?

I guess. Do you not enjoy theme parks?
Only when my mouth is full of canker sores.

Ha-ha. Have you ever dreamed about space travel?
Inner space or outer space?

How are they different?
Inner space is the world of atoms and molecules.

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Emerica Filmer Dustin Aron

Oh. Well, I meant outer space.
Yeah, all the time. I always wonder if there are other planets out there similar to Earth that have trees, lakes and oceans, and animals that would look nothing like us.

There was a study done recently which showed that the probability of a planet having the optimal temperature for liquid water to exist, with a climate similar to ours, is actually pretty high. According to it, there are billions of Earths out there.
Did it take the size of the planet and the star into account?

Yeah, I think so.
The sun's a medium size star. It's not a white dwarf or a red giant.

I think it took all types of stars into account. For red giants, the planet would probably have to be closer to get the same energy output.
Because the red giant is a weaker star?

Imagine the sunrise on that planet. [Imitates enormous star rising on the horizon.]

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Patrick O'Dell

If space travel becomes affordable like plane travel, would you go?
Hells yeah!

Even if you're 80 or 90 years old?
I'd just have myself pre-embalmed.

Why would you need that?
So I'd be able to travel longer distances.

Do you think you'll be able to access the internet out there?
It's only the WORLD wide web, not the GALAXY wide web. Do you think they have Wi-Fi on Alpha Centauri?

Yeah. You could tap their internet on the fly-by.
I heard there's a nice hot spot in the core of the Andromeda spiral galaxy.

Ha-ha. How do you feel about flamingos?
Wait, what?

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Emerica Filmer Jon Miner

I'm okay with them as long as they're made out of plastic and they're stabbed into the ground out in front of a double-wide trailer.

Then you'll be okay with the intro to Jason Adams' part in the enjoi video. He kicks the flamingos over.
No way. I'll have to watch that.

Why did you decide to go on the Wild Ride?
I've never been on it before and I always wanted to go. I heard this might be the last one.

I didn't know that. Has the idea become stale?
No, but if I was in charge, I wouldn't keep doing it every year. Maybe every other year.

It needs to stay special. Do you think a Wild Ride on other continents would work?
We should have a Wild Ride across the Sahara desert on camels.

That would be sick. They'd have to change the logo though. Put a camel on the swirl.
Instead of being hassled by cops at campgrounds, the Emerica team would encounter bandits and murderers and stuff.

Who would come out to see the Emerica team?

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Chief Justin Regan

Ha-ha. Do you dislike being on the road?
Traveling can be hard, but it's still fun. It's a good kind of torture. You get sore, battered and shaken around all day and it's uncomfortable. But once you get where you're going, it's awesome. Especially if it's somewhere you've never been before, like an exotic country.

How do you feel about the Emerica team right now?
I think it's one of the best in skateboarding, for sure. Totally on point. I think Emerica as a whole is one of the best brands in skateboarding.

You invented the Boneless One. Do you feel you've created a legacy by inventing that trick?
Maybe for myself. It's not like the ollie, which is the star of the show. Not much can compete with that.

Does it piss you off when people call it Boneless instead of Boneless One?
It doesn't piss me off--people have a tendency to shorten names--but the proper name is the Boneless One. It was named after a puppet called Harry Hicklestone, whose nickname was Harry The Boneless One.

How long did it take for the trick to be named after you invented it?
Probably a year, maybe a year-and-a-half. I thought the trick up, but my friend Mark Mounts actually did the trick before me about six months later. Then about a year later, a third friend named Robert Hamrick, who owned the puppet, got involved and somehow the name of the puppet got transferred to the trick. I'm not sure how, but those dudes were stoners and always did funny little drawings and made up tweaked names for everything.

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Eternal sunshine and Fuel TV reporter Bob

How did you refer to the trick before it was named?
Front-footed frontside footplant. [Laughs.] That's what it was called in the first few issues of my zine, Skate Fate. It actually says Front-footed frontside footplant, [Laughs.]

Have you seen any Boneless Ones on the Wild Ride so far?
I saw Spanky try one in the bowl at Raleigh.

Did the crowd go wild?
Everyone was watching the street course, but as soon as he did it, everyone started chanting GSD! GSD! [Laughs.] Nah, no one was really watching. What if after every trick you had to chant the inventor's name? [Chants.] Mike McGill! Mike McGill!

That would be a lot of chanting. [Laughs.]

Thanks to GSD for doing this interview! Now go tell him how awesome you think he is on his Emerica team page.

Follow the river of posts and flow on to part 9!

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  1. Dang!! He let you take photos of him??/

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  2. one of the best dudes ever

    nowax's Emeritar nowax Posted:
  3. Epic interviewness. Some of the best conversations I've had here at ST have been after hours when Garry comes back from his Lake Forest foothill excursions.

    GSD! GSD!

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  4. boneless one

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  5. Oh how I miss thee, GSD.

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