Wild Ride Focus, Part 9: Go With The Flow

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This is part nine of the Wild Ride Focus series, where I focus on certain aspects or characters of the 2008 Wild Ride through my photos and the occasional interview.

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Go With The Flow

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Meet Peter Hackett. At a mere 14 years of age, he's the youngest member on Emerica flow. Not only is he incredibly talented (check some of his footage), he's also a little shit that loves getting into trouble. Read on.

What up, Peter? Is this your first Wild Ride?
Nah, it's my second.

Second, eh? So how old were you when you were on last year?

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Where do you see your future going in skateboarding?
Hopefully pro.

Pro! What are you now?
I'm on flow for Emerica and Baker.

Have you had a chance to hang out with the Baker crew yet?
Nah, not yet. I'm trying to go on a Baker tour next year. So far Emerica's the only one that's invited me to go on tour.

Who's your favorite skater on the Baker team?
All of them!

Take your pick.
Probably Bryan [Herman] and Lil' Jamie [Tancowny].

And on the Wild Ride?
Bryan [laughs]. That dude's sick, man.

Did you enjoy getting punched in the face by him?
Yeah. It was pretty fun. I don't remember it, but it was still fun.

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Peter and Marisa

Did [Emerica Team Manager] Jeff give you a good scolding?
Yeah, he wasn't that psyched.

What's your hometown?
Richmond, VA.

Get your parents to come out to California.
I want to, but I can't right now. I'm in some trouble.

What trouble are you in?
I'm on probation.

Probation at fourteen. Nice. I won't bother asking you why. You want to give any shout-outs before I stop this?
Richmond, DGK... Dirty Genital Kids, Dominion skateboards!

Wait, what? Dirty Genital Kids?

You know if you ever run into Stevie Williams, he's gonna kick your ass.

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Colin Provost and Marisa dal Santo hate their jobs

On the Wild Ride, Peter was joined by other Emerica flow riders Colin Provost and Marisa dal Santo, as well as random ripper Tyler Dain. If you've been to any of our demos, you know these kids don't play games. Colin can rip any kind of tranny to pieces, Marisa skates like a girl - a good one - and Tyler was hand picked by Heath Kirchart - that should give you an indication of his skills.

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Colin waits for the bus to come. It never will.

While waiting at the BBQ, I had a talk with him about knowing Heath, Lil' Wayne and pursuing a career in freestyle rapping...

What's up, Tyler?
Waiting for my cheeseburger, man.

How long is it gonna take?
Shit... it better not take much longer, fools! I'm kidding. I don't know.

Alright. Where are you from?
Originally from Athens, GA, and then I just moved to Des Moines, IA last August.

Why did you move?
To live with my mom.

How did you get the hook-up from Emerica?
Through Subsect.

So Heath [Kirchart] hooked you up?

Are you good friends with Heath?
Yeah, Heath is tight, man! A lot of people are trippin' on him, like he's all hard and stuff. I guess he really is, but he's really nice to me.

I never see you talking to Heath.
Really? Well, he is the only guy I talked to on the first night [of the trip]. Then he introduced me to everybody and I started talking to more people.

Do you do chores for him so you can be on the team?
[laughs] Fuck no! Hell no.

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(At this point, Tyler's cheeseburger is ready.)

Are you sure you'll be able to eat your cheeseburger while I interview you?
Yeah, dude. Of course. I can do multitasks!

Tell me how it is too.
What? Tell you how what is?

The burger. Tell me how the burger is.
It's good.

Yeah, Javi cooks a mean burger.
Yeah he does. I don't know where we'd be without this and my mom's oatmeal bars and shit.

Oatmeal bars?

That's not funny.
Yeah it is, dude! Before the trip, my mom took me to CostCo and bought me twenty packs of oatmeal bars. She thought I was gonna run out of food.

Oatmeal bars, huh. Is that why you skate so good?
Not at all, dude. They make you skate terrible, that's why I haven't landed anything!

Oh - that's right, you sucked at the last demo.
[laughs and mutters incomprehensibly]

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A good tre is a prerequisite for being on flow, but Tyler hasn't made it there yet.

Come on. You're ruining the reputation of the team!
Yeah, right!

You should consider a career in freestyle rapping.
Should I? I thought of it. I did it in ninth grade - I wanted to be a rapper so bad! [laughs] Straight through ninth grade I wanted to be a rapper.

Was anyone making your beats?
Nah, I'd steal 'em from other rappers. I'd hear a tight beat on the radio, and I'd download that shit. And then we'd freestyle.

Did you get any Ready To Die instrumentals?
Oh, duh dude. Notorious B.I.G. all day, dude. That was the first rapper I ever really listened to. Then I got into other shit, like Lil' Wayne.

You like Lil' Wayne?
[At this point tempers flare up near the BBQ]
Random Dude: Lil' Weezy!
Another Random Dude: Lil' Wayne sucks!
What? Fuck you! Fuck you. Assholes.

What happened?
He said, "Fuck Lil' Wayne!".

I say fuck Lil' Wayne too. I don't like Lil' Wayne.
Awh, fuck you. Don't say that. There's something Weezy has to offer to everybody I feel.

There's something for everyone!

I heard his new album and it sucked.
No way, dude! The Carter III? Sucking? Did you hear it suck? Did you actually listen to it?

Yep. I listened to every track on it. And after track 7, I had to keep fast-forwarding because it sucked so much.
What about "Phone Home?"

Come on. That's so gay. He's acting like he's an alien and it's not even funny. I think the only good track on there is "A Milli".
That track is so sick, dude!

Yeah, but only because Bangladesh did the beat.
Dude, it's so sick. Did you hear Jay-Z got on the remix?

I didn't hear the remix. But that reminds me - I liked the second track, "Mr. Carter", too.
Is that the one with Jay-Z?

I'm a big Jay-Z fan.

Is he your number one rapper of all time?
No. I'd have to say that's me. [laughs]

Wow. You're a cocky guy.
[keeps laughing]

This interview is over!

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The next morning, Colin is happy to find his tent still standing...

[sidenotes: Tyler Dain isn't actually on flow. In fact, Heath Kirchart called him shortly after this was published to scold him for his misrepresentations. Regardless, Tyler's rad. If you see him, be sure to give him a proper slap to the face. He deserves it.]

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