Yes, The EMB Is Down. (Or Not)

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UPDATE: The EMB is back up. For now. Please report any future problems in this post.

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You might have noticed the site being offline for a period of time yesterday (Thursday, July 31st), but that should be fixed now. The EMB, however, is not... but we're working hard on fixing it.

In the meantime, go enter the Hsutube Giveaway, because I'll be picking the winners tonight.

Hold on for a bit longer... thanks for your patience.

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(8) responses to: Yes, The EMB Is Down. (Or Not)

  1. You are like a robot. I swear.

    Willis's Emeritar Willis Posted:
  2. this sucks...


    tony's Emeritar tony Posted:
  4. Noooooooo...

    Hally's Emeritar Hally Posted:
  5. A robot? Please elaborate.

    FOXXXYZ's Emeritar FOXXXYZ Posted:
  6. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF RIGHT NOW. I need to know what people are currently stoked and bummed on.

    And by robot, most likely that you're working on stuffz 24/7.

    prashant.'s Emeritar prashant. Posted:
  7. Yus exactly, you know how to fix all this shit. And you are always workin 24/7

    Willis's Emeritar Willis Posted:
  8. This was a depressing day.

    Pony Boy's Emeritar Pony Boy Posted:

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