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The skateboarding industry is pushing the pro-models thing long way ahead. And i mean, pro footbed? What the fuck? Isn't it enough having pro-models about shoes, pretty normal ok, as decks itselves, but then came out sunglasses, pants, shirts, whole collections as vans has been working out with J Lay, griptape (what the fuck), bearings (what the fuck), hardware? I've not noticed but it might exists, ever since we've came out until this, pro footbeds. What's coming next? AR pro-socks? AR pro-underwear? Funny idea. As a thought, opinion, i think we should bring it back, only pro-shoes and pro-boards thats fucking enough for supporting every single company. This is not a censorship about Emerica or anyone else, pretty nice shoes and stuff but well, profit talks louder i guess, anyway naïve kids are gonna afford it, as predicted.

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(2) responses to: Pro-stuff

  1. you have an amazing point there...........just like how sheckler will have shirts that come out that say,"I'm a poser, i like sheckler!!!!!" in real big print............

    biohazard's Emeritar biohazard Posted:
  2. If the kids buy it... they will sell it.

    Money took over a long time ago.

    Jen's Emeritar Jen Posted:

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