DVS How Do You Use Your DVS'? My Contest ENTRY

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Filmed and Edited by Garrett Pritchard

Everyone loves some cookies.

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(14) responses to: DVS How Do You Use Your DVS'? My Contest ENTRY

  1. very good job. diggin the editing in terms of the dissolve from your bare hands to the shoes on your hands. and the perspective shots are pretty notable. Captures the same feeling and style of the examples with the pros.

    tattoo-of-a-potato's Emeritar tattoo-of-a-potato Posted:
  2. this is gooooood

    3life's Emeritar 3life Posted:
  3. nice...REALLY nice!

    Vultraz T-99's Emeritar Vultraz T-99 Posted:
  4. Dude, if i rated the contest, this would definitely win, Hands down hahah

    anthony!'s Emeritar anthony! Posted:
  5. I bet you win

    DaltonHarris's Emeritar DaltonHarris Posted:
  6. you were totally repping DVS in that video.
    You have really good editing skills.

    jgonzalez's Emeritar jgonzalez Posted:
  7. thats a good use

    skatekid's Emeritar skatekid Posted:
  8. WHoa, you've gotta head for creativty.

    iluvjerry's Emeritar iluvjerry Posted:
  9. haha nice dude use number 69 haha winner fo sho

    puig's Emeritar puig Posted:
  10. haaaa

    savaun-emerica's Emeritar savaun-emerica Posted:
  11. burn

    savaun-emerica's Emeritar savaun-emerica Posted:
  12. This awesome man. Nice job!

    porkchop's Emeritar porkchop Posted:
  13. did you win?

    emericaman5's Emeritar emericaman5 Posted:
  14. Trippin Balls pretty sick though

    madmanv2's Emeritar madmanv2 Posted:

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