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I made for the Buttery Ass Mondays contest. I just finished it and I started around midnight and it's 7:30am. So I'm kicking it back because I've haven't gotten any sleep yet and I have to attend a family Christmas party. Tell me what you think?

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(10) responses to: Switch Flip Contest...butteryassmondays

  1. it amused me a pretty while !
    but it is true !


    No. but maybe's Emeritar No. but maybe Posted:
  2. hahaha this shit is funny!!

    chrispybrown's Emeritar chrispybrown Posted:
  3. yeah for shure,not bad dude.

    Display name:'s Emeritar Display name: Posted:
  4. thats great! i love it!

    Vultraz T-99's Emeritar Vultraz T-99 Posted:
  5. you just might have the win

    KILL YO SELF!!!'s Emeritar KILL YO SELF!!! Posted:
  6. you sound semi but it was good.

    zhskater73's Emeritar zhskater73 Posted:
  7. butteryass garrett! JAAAA jajajaja ey tho on the real it was funny. mug on a chain whaaatttt?! JAJAJA

    alv's Emeritar alv Posted:
  8. omg winner!

    mikeskatesnj's Emeritar mikeskatesnj Posted:
  9. OW!!!!!!!! that carlsbad fall sucked

    emericaman5's Emeritar emericaman5 Posted:
  10. OMG WINNER! Thank you thank you!

    mikeskatesnj's Emeritar mikeskatesnj Posted:

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