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I'm a skater from a redneck town of M.T Airy NC.I love Emerica Shoes! No good spots or a skatepark so if your wonbering why i suck thats it. Hope to meets some cool skaters. So feel free to comment or respose.

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  1. I from Nc too, I know what you mean when you say there are no spots here.

    vertskater777's Emeritar vertskater777 Posted:
  2. Im from some place near Sanford.

    vertskater777's Emeritar vertskater777 Posted:
  3. pshh i live in fuckin maryland.

    cecilton to be exact n its the smallest town like ever for real!

    we dont have a skatepark but we tried to get one but were failures. we got millington n borderline in pa n other places but theyre kinda far.

    talk back though dude, k

  4. yeahh fo sho

    do u have a myspace???

    if u do add meh


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