need a sponsor!! help?!

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i really need to get sponsored by emerica can someone help me. emerica is my fav company and i really need a sponsorship. please check out my vids and tell me wat u think; if im sponsorable or not.

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(4) responses to: need a sponsor!! help?!

  1. In my opinion ur sponsorable

    darius's Emeritar darius Posted:
  2. i think that now you need to practice a little bit more and get more tricks, clean your tricks more, just wait... but, hey!!! you are really good!!!!

    emerican's Emeritar emerican Posted:
  3. you id sounding helpless again , but if you don't with that stuff somebody else id gonna sponsor you dude. CHILL

    ayjay97's Emeritar ayjay97 Posted:
  4. no realy, banana it dog

    ayjay97's Emeritar ayjay97 Posted:

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