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GuessHsu is going to chat with you? Emerica pro Jerry Hsu, that's who! Enjoy a live chat with Jerry on Monday, May 12, 2008 at 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time) in the Chat Room inside the EMB section right here on the Emerica site! Do you have a burning question for Jerry Hsu? Then get ready for him to answer it!


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  • i have some the y skate good but the canvas blue ones riped a little easy

    well ok then's Emeritar well ok then Posted:
  • ahygdf rtv jlsurfv

    Chris's Emeritar Chris Posted:

    AidanRowland's Emeritar AidanRowland Posted:
  • are you hsu?

    iridekrooked's Emeritar iridekrooked Posted:
  • your shoes are tight but im rockin sum francises

    not the smartest peanut in the terd's Emeritar not the smartes... Posted:
  • stop making guesses, the messaage has already been announced.

    colinhater's Emeritar colinhater Posted:
  • jet lee.
    bruce lee.
    jakie chan.
    genghis khan.
    jerry hsu.

    davidskates's Emeritar davidskates Posted:
  • 1.MJ
    3.Bobby Puleo
    4.Kenny Reed
    5.Tino Razo

    shong24's Emeritar shong24 Posted:

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