GuessHsu's Top 5 Favorite Chinese Dudes

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GuessHsu's Top 5 favorite Chinese dudes. List your guesses in a comment on this page, over on the far right side under Homies. (You have to add this page as a friend first.) Every friend who lists their guesses in a comment will win an important secret message in April! Then something awesome is going to go down.

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(2) responses to: GuessHsu's Top 5 Favorite Chinese Dudes

  1. 1. Jerry Hsu, 2. Jackie Chan, 3. Michael Lee (My doctor) 4. Shane Cross 5. David Gonzales (Yes I know the last two are not chinese but come on they're good skaters and one of them died)

    ben-figgy-figaroi's Emeritar ben-figgy-figaroi Posted:
  2. dae won song
    jackie chan, haha
    your self

    Hank Mehren's Emeritar Hank Mehren Posted:

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