my drawing

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my drawing
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  1. no i didnt bitch..ur turtle is wack!

    kzar's Emeritar kzar Posted:
  2. this drawing is pretty ill
    if you sold it money would spill
    money for your new grill
    man how'd that be for skrill?
    all girls looking would become really still
    thinking and doing whatever you will
    giving you that good tasting pill
    you could just get high with your fill
    as long as your name isnt dill
    cause thats whack as drill

    austin777's Emeritar austin777 Posted:
  3. sergeants trying to make you eat dill
    pickles you can feel
    man they feel like eels
    you know thats real
    but nah man we dont want that up in here
    get that pickle juice off my beard
    man that stuff is just weird
    so how come you eating it with smeared
    on peanut butter and jelly
    getting all nasty and smelly
    thats a disgrace
    with that juice on your face
    wipe that off now before i have to erase
    you from the planet
    so man come get some, you know you want it.

    wow second one tonight..bored.

    austin777's Emeritar austin777 Posted:

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