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Rockin’ my Red Rey 3’s, EMB edition
If you don’t cop these you’ll never know what you’re missin’
So listen, up and say thank you to Miles
Cause of him they brought back one of our favorite styles
Kickflips, smith grinds, anytime I wear mine
Back tails on black rails, Emerica’s got boomin’ sales
Our names on the insoles cannot be ignored
So let me tell you about the message board

Welcome to the EMB let’s start a new discussion
You can call me Anthony I’m known for beat crushin’
Also known for skateboarding when I’m not rappin’
Shout out to Foxxxyz and Rel1sh for makin’ this happen
You probably know Emerica from their skate team
But let me introduce the people behind the scenes
I’ll start out listing names from the EMB rap thread
Cause there’s just too many of you to name off the top of my head
In the Jonnybob days they wanted to replace him
But now he’s OG, yeah, that’s my man Maysum
A recent Rebirth of someone we all want
Welcome the return of the beloved Prashant

There’s 7teenagesmokers, you can go and count ‘em
Mike the flopalopagis disappeared, but we just found him
Skate dlx4life, at least if your names Gabe
And Nathan’s got the girls tellin’ him he’s a babe
Luke was in New Orleans to watch the Colts lose
And Jaceun will show you how to recreate your shoes
Jeff-the-boombox turn the music up real loud
Silentskater bump Wu-Tang and make New York proud

We’ve got two Colin’s that no one could replace
One is an admin the other finally showed his face
Coming from Flint, Michigan Joey’s a crazy trickster
Then down in Texas playing shows is Victor
Spencer Withrow, why are you bothering me?
I’m just chillin’ with Posha and some maui wowie
Drinkin’ Whale Milk in the ATL is Jawn
Then we’ve got Alex but you can just call him Mantwan
All the way from Denmark is metalhead Tao
And Veronika’s a dime piece she’ll make you say “wow”
Reppin’ the Bean other than me is Caden
Plus Sam, Peter, and Kyle we should all get skatin’
Wham bam thank you Brahm for holdin’ down the South
And E-NEmerica will kick you in your mouth, if
You hate on the EMB, and oh my here comes Defy
And Brandon Youngblood is a hell of a guy

Whether he’s surfin’ or skatin’ KC is a Winner!
And Nate’s got such good tre flips he eats them for dinner
Nick is an Emerican Dummy
And Eddie’s got more knowledge than my dear, old, mommy
David from Baltimore is a hip-hop head
And Gunther will gladly teach you how to break bread
Taylor’s still kickin, even though she’s m.i.a.
And Joe will drop the banhammer on you any day

If you want to learn to imagine just ask Jake
If you want to learn German ask Drew for Heaven’s sake
If you’re headed to the park call Gerardotheskater
And you can meet up with Arizona Andrew later
And Andyskywalker, he’s the smoothest talker
And everyone should just get along with Joeskaterocker
We just got a bonus, with the return of Jonas
And Ian the sexpistol is back if you didn’t notice
Then Ian Elba, his shoe collection’s insane
The only one who could ever match it is Kain
And Unusual is out tagging the walls
Causing him and Stuart to get into brawls

Southjersey homie, proud to share the name Tony
And Caleb skates popwar4life, you know he’s not a phony
Blake skates fresh, and Michelle dresses well
And m00n is down in Chile surviving an earthquake from hell
I’m a major fan of minerman, but I just call him Kyle
Sigmaflip’s posts always guarantee a smile
You know you wish your art was as nice as Vices’s
And the name Andrew appears more than twices

Andyrew is a fan of Iron Maiden
And Andrew Crawford has sick pics of him skatin’
Willivanilliii comes knockin at the door
Not too far behind is F.E.F. Xcore
Hear that skateboard? It’s Carter rollin’ by
And look straight up to see Henry flyin’ high
But take a second, and stop your starin’
To see the Sparkling Wiggles, a.k.a. Aaron
What up Hoon from Australia,
Of course you made it in, I took care of ya
Cleveland dude coming last, certainly not lost
Shout out to Rob, Da Motha Fuckin Boss

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