Finaly got my site up ofad.org

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Kind of a weird site in the regards to not being all about skating. It's about my homeies and I making shit.

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oFad.org stands for Office of Fine Art and GOOD design. Check it if your into it.

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(2) responses to: Finaly got my site up ofad.org

  1. That's part of the charm, any one who knows me knows that spelling is secondary to and usually gets neglected. as for Office of fine Art and GOOD design that would be ofagd and a bit much also part of the idea. If you omit "a" "the" "of" out of acronyms why not "good". the oFad is here to question these constructs and there subsequent restraints on human development.

    Plus it kinda sounds faggy, which is awesome if that's what your going for. The oFad invites all peoples to be the peoples they must be if they feel like being the people that they are, we think.

    oFad's copy editor is working at her day job and is not available to correct my shortcomings.


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