Got a pair of spankys today

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Dude i swear too god the best place to shop is at Ross! i got a pair of herman 2's, Spanky's, and a pair of nike sb blazers for 25 bucks each!Blog Image

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(3) responses to: Got a pair of spankys today

  1. that is so sick mine only have osirus and they look lame i want your ross i love ross, marshalls,and tj maxx

    justinjacobson74's Emeritar justinjacobson74 Posted:
  2. dude i have never been to ross ever and now i want to go.

    asylumskater94's Emeritar asylumskater94 Posted:
  3. thats amazing my ross sucks
    just a bunch of dc and osrisis

    Michael's Emeritar Michael Posted:

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