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ohh man, i moved again, except this time i really am in the BOON DOCKS!!!!!! i dont see how BH can stand the middle of fuck-dam-know-where. i gotta walk a mile to hit up flat ground! but i aint complaining, i get to skate the parks an what not. but now that take a look at my profile, god i was an emeri-FAG-FAN-BOI!!!! and i hate my self for, lol i like emerica but shit i sounded obsessed! but any way, you kiddoes keep skating :D i know i will. REST IN PEACE TILL WE BRING YOU BACK BROOKLYN BANKS!!!!
haha i bet shane cross will skate them in heaven, we love you bro!!!!


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  • haha i wish i had atleast one.

    Roulette!'s Emeritar Roulette! Posted:
  • not much, waiting for breakfast. you?

    Roulette!'s Emeritar Roulette! Posted:
  • hello

    Roulette!'s Emeritar Roulette! Posted:
  • no such thing as shop shoes man. besides ccs. they r an actual brand. dylan reider and arto saari are on it

    snowblind's Emeritar snowblind Posted:
  • hahaha. there easy to obsesse over!!!
    good good bands!

    worms's Emeritar worms Posted:
  • Haha...lets make sure your toes stay

    and im just at home...doing some research... =]

    and you?

    NONE's Emeritar NONE Posted:
  • just cold...but loved! wats new?

    NONE's Emeritar NONE Posted:
  • hey wats up?

    NONE's Emeritar NONE Posted:

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