little kids

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so a lot people that skate in my neighbor hood are little kids and they arnt very good at skating so it gets kinda boring so i gotta call my friend evan and sometimes he cant skate and it sucks cuase i gotta a skatepark like 5 mins from my house and i cant go without an adult and my parents never take me and my skating buudy chance moved to cali so basicly is sucks!

p.s.-i had to go to a stupid hocky game yesterday it was so gaaaaaay

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(5) responses to: little kids

  1. If they suck then they suck. Just try to mark some dates on a calender with your parents so they can't plan over it.

    Willis's Emeritar Willis Posted:
  2. wow. that sure does suck

    rhinoroper92's Emeritar rhinoroper92 Posted:
  3. Hey i know wat u mean about little kids getting in the way!!!

    You Know My Name's Emeritar You Know My Name Posted:
  4. Ya i was @ the sk8 park like last week and me and my freind were tryin 2 film and these kids kept getting in the way and like screaming and stuff!!! it SUCKED

    You Know My Name's Emeritar You Know My Name Posted:
  5. wow thats like my whole situation
    except evryone else is a thousand times betr than me cuz i only started a month ago i cant even ollie yet

    motormouth's Emeritar motormouth Posted:

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