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i need a new deck bad i'v had my deck for a year now thats the longest i'v ever had one and its hard to make it last since i dont got money to buy one but in a couple week ill finally have the money so WHAT DECK SHOULD I GET?
i'm thinking about choclate i never had one and people said they got hella pop

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  1. well i'm really hard on 'em because i skate constantly. next i'm getting one off ebay. They are carbon fiber and they are called turtledex. carbon fiber is stronger than steel, yet lighter than normal decks. they get better pop and last longer too. They are like $75 but are worth it(supposedly)

    SKAT3R's Emeritar SKAT3R Posted:
  2. i would get a mystery, zero, or baker

    Willis's Emeritar Willis Posted:
  3. CRIMSON!!!!

    dat life-blood tech shit

    those last
    plus the graphics are sick
    and steve fauser and rick eusey skate for a shop In Indy

    sammyb-gnarsauce's Emeritar sammyb-gnarsauce Posted:
  4. do u like element?

    motormouth's Emeritar motormouth Posted:

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