this is for dork lord

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well y computer wont let me go to your profile now so i'm gonna respnd to you in this.
ok yeah i think its tight too. but i wish there were more girls like that who live around me. all the girls only go to the skatepark to watch the boys or if they have a board they dont ride it. but i'v met some pretty cool girls on here so its all good

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(7) responses to: this is for dork lord

  1. yeah that sucks.

    Mr.White's Emeritar Mr.White Posted:
  2. that sucks

    wildcolt's Emeritar wildcolt Posted:
  3. YEah how you been?

    edog's Emeritar edog Posted:
  4. then that's when you come in...teach the ways of skating lol and get them on that wood...then..ride off clean...yeeaaahhh lol

  5. man well hopefuly it shud work eventually

  6. DAWN

    Anomalist Doom's Emeritar Anomalist Doom Posted:
  7. thats ok, your there skate right, not many girls skate, but it is all cool.

    sk84life13's Emeritar sk84life13 Posted:

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