this is for nick

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this is for nick

it looks different in this picture you cant tell that its bent in a little when its on its back

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  1. well besides that it looks like an ok deck i need a new one for the two contests i got coming up

    joseph's Emeritar joseph Posted:
  2. its doesn't look as bad as it sounds

    Willis's Emeritar Willis Posted:
  3. how are you going to skate.

    bobo's Emeritar bobo Posted:
  4. i just got the mariano verision of your deck

    snowblind's Emeritar snowblind Posted:
  5. hello


    motormouth's Emeritar motormouth Posted:
  6. thaTS A COOL DECK I JUST GOT A NEW PLAN B DECK.And also pleaseeee add me to your friends.

  7. nice i see u already thrashed that shit

    emericandream's Emeritar emericandream Posted:
  8. I got my deck at a garage sale a darkstar like 4 years ago and I still have it

    elijah's Emeritar elijah Posted:
  9. the wheels look really wide

    motormouth's Emeritar motormouth Posted:
  10. the bend in it is called the rocker...
    its meant to be that way

    Nate's Emeritar Nate Posted:
  11. i have that same deck plus a beibel one im not obsessed with the movie 1 was cheap and eric koston is my favorite skater.

    707skata's Emeritar 707skata Posted:
  12. ive got the same trucks but mine are white.

    bakerskater3's Emeritar bakerskater3 Posted:
  13. you have the deck i want haha
    im gettin a baker reynolds though

    Mouth's Emeritar Mouth Posted:

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