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I got the position I applied for! I'm an Art Instructor! One step closer to working at Woodward... In other news, it's snowing. There's no chance of skating for the next month... So, I've decided that when I get my first two weeks of pay (beyond the training stuff), I'm gonna head south to hang and skate with some people I miss and who miss me.. :)... I'm so happy! I mean no one in this town skates and actually loves it. It's just a hobby to them, like collecting pogs or something. Thus why I pour my joy into a screen where the transmission is picked up by people who have skate fever for all the right reasons... Whoo! And now I'm certified in CPR and First Aid. Whoo!

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  1. That's really cool I want to go to Woodward. Good luck hope you get the job

    bowlrid3r's Emeritar bowlrid3r Posted:

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