ok this is enteresting

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me: you're fucking wierd
dildo: lick my nuts bitch
me: STFU. do your parents know you're doing this? damn get a fucking life you're not a dildo you're a gay ass 12 year old boy
dildo: fuck you. i don't have parents i'm asexual dick head. Also, i am a dildo and i'm proud of it nigga
me: shut the fuck up. stop acting like this and get off my nuts.
dildo: Oh, word? Blow me nigga
me: i'm not arguing with you anymore
dildo: i fucked yo mom's last night. crouch down, suck my nuts and call me papi nigga!
me: lick my ass bitch
dildo: Oh, word. You betta respect before you get rocked nigga! Me and my friend Jerry gonna rock you son! Yo my nigga don't play no games
me: seriously man cut it out
dildo: shut the fuck up nigga before you get jumped. i don't play with no white boys nigga
me: will you ever fucking stop?
dildo: look nigga i ain't gonna stop till you give me some respect because i ain't playin wit yo bitch ass aight? so you betta crouch down and suck my cock
me: alright i'm sorry
dildo: Aight we cool. you mah nigga right?

that was a weird ass conversation

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(3) responses to: ok this is enteresting

  1. yo my nigga why u always tryin to start shit huh nigga?

    Ya Boy Dildo's Emeritar Ya Boy Dildo Posted:
  2. ha dildo is a faggot

    Willis's Emeritar Willis Posted:

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