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Date of Birth: feb. 27 1995
Hometown: indianapolis,IN
Present Home: my room
Occupation: skating
Sponsors: none yet
Marital Status: idk.
How and when did you start skating?
last year and i was bored and skating got fun

Who were you skating with at first?
my friends

What terrain were you riding at first?
flat ground and my box

Who were some early influences on your skating?
pros like spanky and jerry hsu and reynolds

Do you enjoy skating in contests?

How could contests be improved?
more things to do at the park

What do you think of skate videos?
there awsome

Which are your favorites?
baker 3 and baker has a deathwish.

Do you skate small stuff like curbs and parking bumps?

When was the last time you saw a curb in a magazine or video? Do you skate vert ramps?
idk and i hate vert

Do you skate backyard pools?

What do you think of public concrete skateparks?
there fun

How could they improve the design?
having more things and more sets

Should skateparks copy real street spots like Love Park and EMB?
yes that would be tight

Who do you skate with now?

Who are your favorite skaters of all time?
emerica baker deathwish enjoi people from those teams

Is there anything in skateboarding you haven't done that you'd like to accomplish?
doing bigger sets

What do you enjoy besides skating?
friends and hanging out

What music, art, books have you been enjoying lately?

What are your future goals?
to get better tricks and get bigger gaps

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