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Whats up!!! yea i love to skate, I mean Im not awsome but you know its just fun to go up a ramp or grind a rail or accompolish a trick and just feeling the reward you get for landing it....its not a sport, its a life style. Also don't let haters get you down they're just jealous they cant enjoy skating as much as you, I mean Im mongo and goofy!!!! and i enjoy skating a lot...so keep your head up...

Hey dont forget... national go skate day is June 21st!!!


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  • what up bro? skating hard?

    Skoobiggavelli™'s Emeritar Skoobiggavelliâ... Posted:
  • i skate both pro and blank but right now im skatin on a blank from plutos......

    emerica27's Emeritar emerica27 Posted:
  • shit u messed that board up.

    emerica27's Emeritar emerica27 Posted:
  • yeah man for sure if any of the peeps go out to film over there i'll be sure to tell them about it. so what's up dude?

    Skoobiggavelli™'s Emeritar Skoobiggavelliâ... Posted:
  • yupp

    xxharleyxx's Emeritar xxharleyxx Posted:
  • Ya fo sho

    mcdizzle's Emeritar mcdizzle Posted:
  • Glad you're stoked. Any suggestions?

    FOXXXYZ's Emeritar FOXXXYZ Posted:
  • Thanks man ill post some more footage up soon.

    djsnyder's Emeritar djsnyder Posted:

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