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-Jackie is the name
- Im really nice so come say HI
-Im not your regular ass girl
-Although i like some girly shits like shopping and stuff.
- Skating to my own perspective is fascinating because of its free spirited nature. im exposed to its way of living almost everyday and i find it amazing. it describes my idea of life and almost everything i believe in. i completely suck at it tho. yeah get over it.
-Life is too short. i say do whatever the fuck you want. as long as you're responsible for your actions and not hurting people around you. LIVE, LEARN, AND DON'T REGRET SHIT.
-Like Mick Jagger said "It's ok to let yourself go, as long as you can get yourself back."
-I like:
*Bomb Food
*Some Dank-ass Weed (i dont fuck with man made shit. thats nasty)
*Good Music. (none of that soulja boy bullshit)
*Miller High Life AKA The Champaign of Beers.
*Jack Daniels
*Blueberry Vodka (or anything that'll get me fucked up )
*True Homies (love them)
*Being free spirited
*The Ocean
*The City
*Modern Literature

Anything else you wanna know. just ask.

Stay Gold Motherfuckers


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  • wats up

    DQ's Emeritar DQ Posted:
  • hey hit me up when u get this

    trane1's Emeritar trane1 Posted:
  • what up.
    where are you
    from dah?

    bonadeez757's Emeritar bonadeez757 Posted:
  • hey girl! i'm good, its been ages since you like come to this site haha, whats up?

    BAKED POTATO's Emeritar BAKED POTATO Posted:
  • wats up wast wrong

    broken45's Emeritar broken45 Posted:
  • i think we'll be good friend.. hehehe.

    potpotpot's Emeritar potpotpot Posted:
  • i seen my boyfriend on ur page and you seem pretty bangin and a girl that likes vodka is my type of homie!!

    dezy23's Emeritar dezy23 Posted:
  • What up girl.
    You seem pretty dope.

    bonadeez757's Emeritar bonadeez757 Posted:

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