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i really like to skate alot like every day but recently just been bummed on my leg that is barley healing right now and just been filming skate vids for fun:)


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  • TruClass Skateshop "Go Ham or Go Home!" Cookout/SkateJam Sat. April 14
    TCMT VOL.14: Detox Staring TheCrew Sean Whitcomb, Ross Capps, Mike Fields, Timmy Johnson, Mike Regan, Eric King, Marquis King and Cody Cepeda. Featuring Spencer Brown and Denelo Susana

    kingquis23's Emeritar kingquis23 Posted:
  • Hii.

    Mercedes!'s Emeritar Mercedes! Posted:
  • Hey, what's up?

    Mercedes!'s Emeritar Mercedes! Posted:
  • heyyyyyyyy

    Sandra's Emeritar Sandra Posted:
  • Helloooo

    Sandra's Emeritar Sandra Posted:
  • hi:) excuse for the delay^^"

    agne's Emeritar agne Posted:
  • nothing much, just chiliin,were do you live?.

    raymond's Emeritar raymond Posted:
  • hi :) haha

    bonny's Emeritar bonny Posted:

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