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well its been some time since i've been on here so id thought id do a bit of house keeping qand let you all know whats been going down (if your interested) if not then what you doing still reading this go find summit better to do!!

We've finshed the vids to the two promos i posted way back when and when i can be bothered i will probably up load them

We've started filming on two new vids duno why though one would have been enough and has footage from barca france and other random places we went to and promos will follow soon

to riders have now been sponsered by some british companys blueprint and karma so big up to them

now we get to the low stuff coz ive kinda ran out of things to say

i myself won a compatition in a magazine called sidewalk where i won a ton of flip gear which i sold all on e-bay since i get free skate stuff for free anyway aahhh the joys of being sponsored and made around £500 which went mostly on beer oh well easy come easy go

My friend has just finished his 7th yes 7th!!! operation on his ankle after anahilating it on a roof drop in so hope he's on a board soon probably wont please the doctors though

well thats pretty much it ..... well theres more but i kinda cant be bothered so im of to skate the halfpipe i've just finished building in my garage peace out

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