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hey wassup guys just thought id kill some time by coming back on here and write a nice post from you all!!!

The shops still running strong with our shop team (not mith) nearly assembled and work on our first vid has begun.

We recently went to Barca to film to new Mith vid which has got a name yet, where i happened to get myself arrested a stay in a cell overnight :( oh well its all good
got some noce footage so well worth it even if the whole city is a bust these days

A new skatepark opened recently which has a bowl mmmmuuuummmm tasty and they had a nice comp to open it up with the main event best trick down the 10 stair handrail ..... which i won!!!! with my amazing 360 flip crook hehe got me some noce stuff then watched the little kids fight for it when i threw it in the crowd aaahhh the joys of bein sponsered

anyways nearly time to close up the shop so im off .......bye

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