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Its been a while since i was last on here but its all good been busy running my new shop yes thats right i now own my own skate shop hahahahahaha its freakin sweet i have a half in the backroom for chilling and everyone is hyped about it we were gonna call it mith skateshop/skatestore but it sounds lame for now its just the skate shack were looking to change it though so any ideas just comment this and ill take a gander next time i on also i managed to put enough money together to create our own decks and clothing lines so were looking to set up a shop team that isnt mith hehe we do to much as it is some fresh ppl to go to comps and rep us so if youre based in uk again comment this and ill hook you up anyways gotta shoot got to go sort out all the shit i just got sent

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  1. wow sounds very good man ! hope your shop will run good ;) when i was watching your videos at the beginning of the year i knew that you will use your skills and possibilities to get something great done ! so i am lucky to see that it worked out ! keep it up and hit me up if you need something that has to do with photoshop i would be glad to help you out xP
    greetings from berlin !

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