the great return of MITH after year and a half

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Fuckin hell i need to get on here more i found this site in my history and was like 'Jesus i aint been on there in time' which was backed up with the 850 odd messages i had :( obviously the delete all was used so i missed out all the mysypace style pics alot of you post

Once again emericans i have negleted this site while ive been working and i use that term losely on keeping the shop going

and on that the shop is going fucking sweet as you'd like since last time we have released four more shop models our team has stayed the same with the edition of the shop dog gnasher who has the tendancy to bark and growl at scene kids (good boy!!) and well apart from that weve spent our time dicking about gettin high and drinking alot then spend the next day in the shop with pair of sunglasses on few crates of rockstar feeling sorry for ourselves...

any way i will try and get on here nore often this time and see whats going down in the world of emerica

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