I quit.

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I quit my job today.
They are so full of shit.
They bring all their personal problems to their restaurant and bitch at us because they had a bad day.
Then they tried to accuse me of stealing.
I was working and my friend Jose called me and asked if I could pick up his check under the register because he wasn't able to get a car right away to pick it up before they close.
So as I was leaving... I told everyone that I was taking Jose's check because he asked me to.
Once I saw him... I gave it to him and he went to the bank to cash it.
Anyway.. those bitches called me and tried to accuse me of stealing Jose's check.
How fucken stupid.
It was a check written out to him that he asked me to pick up.
I had permission from the motherfucken owner of the check to get it.

After all that bullshit... I said fuck it.

I turned in my resignation letter and the camera my boss lent me for class.
(Now I have to find a camera to finish my photography final with)

I picked up applications for a music store and I got an application at the competitors restaurant.

I am no one's bitch and I don't kiss ass.
I have more respect for myself than that.

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  1. yeah i couldnt stay there too if i was in your situation ! nice turn ! hope your new jobs are going to be better and that you get your potografy final thing done ! wishing you luck !

    No. but maybe's Emeritar No. but maybe Posted:

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