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My name is Jeff Henderson. I am the Team Manager for Emerica Footwear and Gear. Stay Gold!


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  • Thats hella Gangsta!!!

    sab3r-wvlf's Emeritar sab3r-wvlf Posted:
  • Hi I'm Kurt comer I'm from Rancho Cucamonga,CA I'm 17 years old and I'm in highschool and I have no sponsors I'm super hyped on all your products! Everything is just tight! I would hope to some day ride for your company Here's some of my footage if you're not hyped I would love some feedback or some pointers! YouTube link is all I have man sadly but Ok thanks!

    elkurto's Emeritar elkurto Posted:
  • Hey everybody my names Daniel Villa I've been skating for almost 20 years now and I just got done with my first sponsorship video in this very month of Dec. 2013. Check it out at I am actively searching for sponsors at this time and would like to skate for you guys Ive skated with plenty of people back in the day some in which made it pro like Aaron Homoki aka Jaws and Isaiah Johnson for example. Hopefully soon enough I'll be coming up right behind them! Hope you enjoy the video I look forward to hearing from you guys!
    direct link is

    Daniel Villa aka Superman's Emeritar Daniel Villa ak... Posted:
  • Hey my name is Sam Fitzsimmons, I'm from Maui, Hawaii, and im 20 years old. I would really like to ride for Emerica and represent the team in Hawaii and the rest of the U.S. Its pretty hard finding any sponsors out here but were never lacking videos or updates and i think it would really get people hyped on skating out of Hawaii. So hope u guys like the video. Hope a Youtube links ok, thanks!!

    swf12345's Emeritar swf12345 Posted:
  • Hi my name is Johnbartu Bastug i am from Richmond,Canada i am 12 years old and i have been told i am very good at skating i hope you guys are willing to at least sponsor me because it is my dream and i would do anything for it if u guys like it and want to sponsor me send a message to
    this is my skate video right here

    johnbartu's Emeritar johnbartu Posted:

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In Memory of Josh Evin

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photo taken June 4, 2005 on the Emerica So'Wester Tour

It is always such a shock to hear of the death of a fellow comrade. When I got the news about Josh Evin a few days ago it put me in a state of disbelief. It is never easy to hear that someone so youthful, positive, and energetic has passed away. Skateboarding has definitely suffered a tragic loss.
The First tour that I went on as the team manager for Emerica was the Canada So'Wester tour in 2005. Josh was riding for Emerica Canada at the time and was on the trip. He definitely kept things lively and got everyone amped up each day. Josh kept in touch here and there after the tour and one day he called me to help out Jamie Tancowny who was coming down to California for the first time and he needed a place to stay. This was when Jamie was still on the Emerica Canada team. Josh was an amazing person and I am glad that I had a the chance to hang out with him. See you on the on the other side brother.

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