Team Report 11/10/10

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After some downtime since the release of Stay Gold, the Emerica team is keep it going and doing what they do best, which is skate!

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Jerry Hsu and Kevin Long are currently in Turkey with Skateboarder photographer, Jonathan Mehring along with some other bros. Keep a lookout for that article in the near future.

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Following the premiere of the Toy Machine video Brainwash, Ed Templeton, Leo Romero, and Collin Provost are on the Brainwash Tour with the rest of the Toy Machine team. Don't miss them if they are coming to your area.

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This weekend Bryan Herman and Braydon Szafranski along with some of the Deathwish, Shake Junt, and Baker crew will be at Pharmacy boardshop in Hollywood for a huge sample sale and autograph signing. If you want to score some sweet product for dirt cheap, get the info here!

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Andrew has not slowed down since his epic video part was released to the world and continues to rack up footage.

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Rookie pro Jamie Tancowny has been chillin' in Long Beach resting and doing some physical therapy after having knee surgery a little while back. We wish Jamie a speedy recovery.

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Aaron Suski is at home in Tucson hanging out with his family and friends while he is recovering from a shoulder injury from a slam on the Volcom skatepark round-up.

Marquis Preston has been lurking around Huntington Beach skating some parks and is filming for a foundation project.

Rookie pro Justin Figueroa has been hanging with homies in Oceanside and Long Beach. He has been frequenting the Sole Tech T.F. and the skatepark in Lake Forest.

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(5) responses to: Team Report 11/10/10

  1. Sick update Jeff ! Hope everybody is doing well :)

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:
  2. hey yooou guuuuuuuuuuuuize!

    bowie8338's Emeritar bowie8338 Posted:
  3. Reynolds, hasn't taken a break?
    Holy smokes.

    Turkey, that explains the weird blog updates.

    jgonzalez's Emeritar jgonzalez Posted:
  4. The Boss is hanging out with his Baker Boys Dist Family. Nothing can stop The Boss from skating! He deserves to be the SOTY 2010!

    IAmEmerican's Emeritar IAmEmerican Posted:
  5. The boss doesn't sleep, He puts the capital B in BOSS

    I wish TM came to San diego

    anthony!'s Emeritar anthony! Posted:

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