Weekend Warriors in the I.E.

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Drove out to the Inland Empire on Saturday to skate with Leo, Marquis, Miner, Cricket, Timothy, and Sean Petersen.

Leo got a haircut.

Leo rolling up goofy...

Despite grating his hands on the cheese grater ground, Leo nailed his trick.

Leo's roommate Cricket throwing up the horns?

Who knew Marquis was an entrepreneur?

Marquis about to connect with a crooks.

Miner and Marquis catching up on all of the hot skate gossip.

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(7) responses to: Weekend Warriors in the I.E.

  1. leo kills it.

    grems's Emeritar grems Posted:
  2. Love to see new pics of these guys...
    We miss you all....
    Hiedi & theBoyz

    yeahmom's Emeritar yeahmom Posted:
  3. cool man

    Edu's Emeritar Edu Posted:
  4. leo would look gnarley w/heath's old mohawk/taxi driver cut!

    Cory Martinez's Emeritar Cory Martinez Posted:
  5. Marquis is super clean..

    mcill's Emeritar mcill Posted:
  6. leo is ill bro

    thisisskateboarding's Emeritar thisisskateboarding Posted:

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