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They used a bunch of my questions on that Cole interview:

My q's were:
"What Bands suck?

How much has having a kid ruined your life?

Would you and Jamie Thomas ever get BFF tattoos?

If ZERO went down,What other board company would you ride for?

Is there any Enjoi footy from you?

What's with the humongous pants you used to wear?I know big pants were cool back then,but DAMN. Could you even see your board?

You smoke weed? Ever?

Why are you Christian?

Does god help you land buttery,gnar,g-code kickflips by giving you that extra flick?

What's your favorite color?

When's your birthday?

Did you get a lot of girls in Highschool?

Tell us about your Enjoi days.

Has Jamie Thomas ever kissed you,your wife,or your kid?

What kind of porn do you like?

What do you think about Dyrdek's fantasy factory?

Mustard or Ketchup?

What skaters influence you?

When/how did you start skating?

What was your first board?

Favorite Ice Cream?

Do you think skateboarding is whack these days?

Do you ever play those video games you're in?

Will you give me a free board?"


Under the name skatenerd

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(2) responses to: Cool

  1. that was a good read, and I did notice your questions in there, pretty cool.
    im not quite sure he liked the whole thing about his kid though haha

    Nate's Emeritar Nate Posted:
  2. i wanted to see if he answered the girls in high school question. wich he didnt.

    go away's Emeritar go away Posted:

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