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My name is Jim. I live in a shitty town in Tennessee called Chattanooga. Our spots suck as does our skatepark. I love music and cigarettes.


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  • hey im jonathan i live in a shity state to south carolina

    squirrelly101's Emeritar squirrelly101 Posted:
  • sup

    snoozer's Emeritar snoozer Posted:

    let's shred tomorrow.

    dudebromanguy's Emeritar dudebromanguy Posted:
  • hey whats up?

    Skate Baby Skate!'s Emeritar Skate Baby Skat... Posted:
  • Oh, right on.
    I enjoy doing that as well.
    Have fun.

    Lolly Gag's Emeritar Lolly Gag Posted:
  • HEY JIM!!!!

    brahm's Emeritar brahm Posted:
  • Oh, right on.
    Like ditched?

    Lolly Gag's Emeritar Lolly Gag Posted:
  • Thanks.
    Nothing really extraordinary. I'm just at school checking my account.
    It's pretty cool pool.

    Lolly Gag's Emeritar Lolly Gag Posted:

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